I am driven by color and shape. When I approach a blank sheet - I clear my mind. I begin by making marks - usually with a color that I find annoying or unsettling - just to throw myself off. That color demands another more mitigating color and the adjacent colors begin to form a shape. I rotate the paper 360 degrees and all stations in between in order to search for the beginning of life, which usually manifests itself with a line, a gesture an or edge. Just a glimpse, really. Then the work begins. So each piece I do is a surprise to me, revealing more of it's own truth as I work.

"Ms. Clayton's work is strong, poetic, spontaneous and passionate"
        — Skip Lawrence

"Linda exhibits a rare combination of keen outward observation of human characteristics and inner vision - all blended with a delightful sense of humor that is undaunted; rare qualities in an artist "
        — Phyllis Szerejko